Perks of being an option

He woke up at 3 in the morning and will tell you that he’s coming to see you later at night and not seeing him for a week will make you jump off your bed because week is like a year for you and finally you will see him again and do your bedtime story. You finished everything you should finish so you can give your whole self to him once he arrived.. Tick tock tick tock.. tick tock… until you fell asleep and in your dream you are hoping that he will wake you up with a gentle kiss and hug, but you woke up from nightmare just to find out that he hasn’t arrived yet, but seeing him online just a few minutes ago without letting you know if you are still waiting for someone or you should just go back to sleep and move forward to life when you wake up is like stabbing you to death.. You almost broke to tears staring at your phone if you will send him a message or just let him screw you again. But because you are in love with the idea of you two being together, you still hit the send message asking for his presence but the answer you would get is “are you still willing to wait?” and in your stupidity you answered back with “ Yes I will wait” but deep inside, you are so tired of just being an option. Actually the word option is not really incorporated with you both, because you are not even an option. You are just his bad habit that he enjoys once in a while when he is bored.


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