Sometimes, what makes us less person makes us stronger.  Things and situations we were supposed to blame for our misfortune is what makes us more thankful. And that’s the two most important things I’ve learned from Indong. An 11 year old child from Taal,Batangas. I met him first during our immersion there until I decided to feature him in our Documentary to be shown in our University for a Documentary Film Festival and it’s all worth the efforts and everything.

I went back to Taal, for what, three times. Yes, almost three times just to immerse ourselves with Indong’s life. His family lives a very simple life and they have a very simple desire. That is to stay happy despite of what life has not given to them which I think they deserved.

Indong at the young age embraced the responsibility to provide what his family needs. He understands their situation. He understands their grounds on this community. Indong understands that he is the eldest son with ten more siblings and he is aware that the family look up to him. His father has no work while his mother is sometimes helping him selling candles. He knew what he should do and he did. At the age of ten, he started selling candles in front of Our Lady of Caysasay Church in Taal,Batangas. And at the age of eleven, after years of observing and listening from the tour guides, Indong already serves as a curator in the Miraculous well of Caysasay where he gained trust and admiration from both local and foreign tourist visiting the historical place. The money he earned every day is what he provides for their foods and “baon” in school. He also knows how to save money in case of emergency and it’s really a big help for them according to his mother.


 Those days I spent with Indong and his family not only inspire me to continue my passion and to continue to help those people in need but they also educate me. They taught me a lesson that I didn’t realized in my entire life which is to smile despite of downfalls. Imagine that? Only Indong made me realize things that I supposed to be learned years of years ago. Very simple yet very meaningful.

And just a week ago, this meaningful lesson also became colorful when the team won 2 Major awards which are Best Musical Score and Best in Cinematography. We weren’t able to bag the Best Documentary award but for me, giving Indong and his family a least help that we can do and gaining hope and faith from Indong’s life and perseverance is already the best trophy I’ve ever received.

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out” – John Wooden


This Documentary film “Kurador” gave me an opportunity to bring myself closer to my passion. It serves as my eye-opener to continue what I think would make me a better person. It is not winning awards and trophies by producing hundreds of videos, but winning the hearts and admirations of the people I worked with. #

and to share with you part of Indong’s perseverance, hope and faith, here’s our Documentary Film “Kurador”



© 2015 LenteKoMo Production

Sarah Mae Divinagracia DIRECTOR

Mezzanine Leonor Cheska Ferma CAMERA PERSON

…………………………………… Copyright © 2015 LenteKoMo Production The video on display are the property of Kislap Production. No permission, either express or implied, is granted for the electronic transmission, storage, retrieval, or uploading of the video contained within this page, other than as necessary to view the page with internet browsing software. No parties watching this video may otherwise copy, modify, publish, transmit, or distribute the contents of these video found herein. Express written permission must be granted on behalf of Sarah Mae Divinagracia (copyright holder) in order to use the video found within this page for any purpose.


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