I was walking in the middle of Manila and was punished by the heat cause of global warming plus the air pollution that almost brought me back to my sanctuary in Cavite but I have to walk non-stop until we reached our destination because I was thinking it’s gonna worth the pain. Despite of noise I managed to listened to the hidden grief of earth, the cries of children, the tone of unpleasant voice, the endless horn of worth the money-which-the-“poor”-don’t-have cars and motorcycle, the desperate call of different blood dispatcher, the annoying sweetness of college students and the I-want-to-eat-you look of maniac. All of this made me wonder, what’s gotten to the world that once upon a time was such a beautiful paradise. But I wasn’t born yesterday. I understood everything. I knew the answers to my questions. But… to see the world being misspelled, means something to me. It must be alarming, but why it became such a common thing? It means dying knowledge! It means, forgetting education! This just not made me sick. It almost killed me inside..

What am I talking about? A misspelled world? Here, and see for yourself.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002When I saw these, I forgot that I was in the middle of angry street. I opened my back pack, got my Canon and took the shot. What was I thinking that time? It must be recorded. It must be shown. People must realized that these shouldn’t be ignored. This is something that contributes to the evolution of our identity. People nowadays see the world as it is. Meanings became lies. Descriptions became generalized. The world is being misspelled. People are blind. Now can you still claim that you are belong where you thought you belong?#


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