Finding my subject

5 years from now I can see myself as an award winning Documentaries. That is why, when I was advised that part of our Final Requirement as a graduating AB Communication student is to produce an Investigative Documentary portraying the Generation Y, I didn’t waste my time. I immediately did some research, gathered my group mates opinions and ideas then we came up with one subject that acquired a very inspiring story.

I went back to Taal, Batangas with my partner Kent, to find my subject and surprisingly, I found him easily through the help of his picture on my phone that I took during our last visit in Taal. and what is funny about it is, the kid I asked about him happened to be his younger sister. She immediately looked for his brother and just after a few minutes, I saw him fast approaching me with his big innocent smile.

IMG_9742I met Indong, 11 years old, in Taal Batangas during our 1st day of Immersion activity when we visited the Sta. Lucia Miraculous Well. I remembered that I was so busy taking some pictures when I heard a young boy discussing the history of the Miraculous Well to the tourist and it’s Indong. I also noticed that he’s also carrying a bundles of candles during that time, that’s when I learned that he’s not just a curator. He’s also a candle vendor.


When I saw Indong approaching me, I saw a little hope that probably, just probably, he’d agree to share his life with us and let us document it. as we sat on the couch, I immediately discussed with him everything about the documentation. My willingness to help him and his family with the least that I can do and he said “okay lang po” and no one can ever explain the relief and excitement I felt that time. I asked him to lead me to their house so that I can talk to her mother. He introduced me to his mother and I discovered that he has other seven siblings. I saw that the children is very fond of Kent. Actually, Aris one of Indong’s siblings asked for Kent’s shade.



Talking to Indong’s mother, I found out that Indong at the age of eleven is still a grade 2 student. It’s because of financial problem that is why Indong and his other younger siblings decided to sell candle to provide their needs in school and when I asked Indong why he chose this kind of job, being a curator, he said that he wants to become a tour guide someday and a policeman as well. I can’t help myself but to feel proud of him. He is so young, but he sacrificed his childhood to help his family. I know that story of Indong, is just a common story nowadays. A lot of news and documentary has been aired about a child that works for their family but I realized that, the feeling is different if you are the one who encounter such situations personally. watching from tv, reading from articles is nothing when you’re already talking to them face to face and see how strong they are to hold their emotions despite of everything.

One day is not enough to know them better, but I am glad that they’ve given me a chance to inspire them as well and I am thankful that they also trusted me I mean, sharing your personal lives to a stranger is not a joke.

Before we end our Taal Visit, Kent and I decided to just take a walk for a while, for the sight-seeing and Indong serves as our tourguide and photographer that day.



Since the well is said to be miraculous, we also try its water to wiped into our body. This spring-fed well named Miraculous Well of Sta. Lucia because it is said that there are two women saw the reflection of the Virgin of Casaysay in the well. Since its discovery, many have attested that the spring water has miraculous healing and therapeutic powers.  The spot where the well which reflected the image of Our Lady is marked by a coral stone arch with a bas relief image of the Virgin on its façade. It was built in early 1600.

This carving technique is quite ancient, and it has been used independently in many civilizations like the Angkor Wat in Cambodia, built in the 12th century and Borobudur in Indonesia, built in the 9th century.




Aris accompanied me while I’m offering candle to my late relatives.

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Our next stop is the Basilica. I showed Kent how amazing the Basilica is. I actually told him a joke that hoping to be real soon. (I want us to get married there!) Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring him on the Bell housing because we’re running out of time. But I promised him that I’ll bring him there when we get back as we start the shooting.
8 9( P.S , I’m very excited to post the behind-the-scene photos of our shoot on Sunday and an “smdstory” about Indong and his dream )


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