No Body’s Perfect

‘ No Body’s Perfect’ defines my strength as a woman. It shares the pain I went through as I fought so hard to move forward from heart ache that a man I truly love gave me.

I wrote this poem a year ago, to remind myself that I’ve been brave once in my life to accept his imperfections,be patient and willing to do what is right before God. Uncle said,  the only thing we can really change is ourselves and try to do the best we can in the expectation of never being perfect.

Uncle John told me love is fantastic. Love is the best, but it hurts like Hell too! and unfortunately we can’t always choose who we fall in love with and sometimes when we’re determined not to – we do anyway. He says that its the essential unfairness of things. When we are kids we read stories where the bad are punished and the good triumph. Unfortunately, life isn’t like that and the good people, have to suffer too and despite of everything, you still have to choose.


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