“Hindi pwede, walang kakainin ang mga apo ko”


When I go somewhere, I always make sure that I let other people touch my life, inspire me and encourage me to make my life better and myself better. During our immersion in Taal,Batangas, Miss Dawn, a faculty of LPU-Cavite told us that we should always connect to the place, so I guess, the way I connect myself to the people of the place I’m visiting is also a way for me to connect myself to the place and it helps me a lot. It’s like a therapy to me; I have this fear of being lonely, this powerful emotion, feeling of emptiness and isolation, a hollow from inside. I hate it to feel being cut off or disconnected from other people, and that is the reason why I started visiting places, making friends and share an inspiration. I used my talent in photography to make my journey more colorful and meaningful. I always make sure that I share those memories through my photography. And one good thing in my journey is, when there are people that not only touch my life, but gave an impact to my life.

During our 3rd day in Taal, Batangas, I met this Lola, so sad that I forgot to ask her name, maybe because I was lost on her story. She is already 85 years old and she’s still working because if she stops, her grandchildren will starve to death. I was observing her, and there was no sign of giving up. She approached my classmate one by one to offer her goods which is a plastic of nuts that cost only ten peso which I am proud of because they also care. I was looking to every person that took a glimpse to lola, and they were all smiling. I know that they were all proud of her also.

Before leaving I gave her my foods and I told her “sana sa susunod na magkita tayo lola, hindi ka na nagtatrabaho.” But she answered me, coming from her heart “hindi pwede, walang kakainin ang mga apo ko,” lola said. But what breaks my heart? Her smile. Her smile that is full of hope, faith and love. She smiles as if the world has done nothing wrong to her. I admire her a lot. I admire her courage to continue life without complaining.

I wanted to help her, if only I can give her a decent house, if only I can send her grandchildren to school, if only I can stop her from working. But I didn’t let myself to leave Taal without showing her my gratitude for sharing me her wonderful story. I bought her goods and I even asked some of my classmate to buy also because that is the least that I can do to her, aside from including her to my prayer. I wished her a better life. I’m sure that she’s not asking more, but she deserves more than what she wants because she has a good heart. Her love to her family is so pure that she is willing to do everything for them.

I left Taal, brought with me the lesson I’ve learned from her, the power of hope, faith and love.#


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