My Favorite Mistake

It was a rainy afternoon with my favorite sweatshirt
I’m walking alone in a giant freezer thinking that it would be forever
As i reached my destination a revelation met my expectation
I thought I was there to be taught a lesson
only to know it’s to open my eyes for a moral lesson.
I’m standing alone beside the window
savoring the wind that might strike any corner
My mind deeply  staring at the nature
But my eyes wants to cry because it was a failure
I wonder how he also felt about this trouble.
It was great reminiscing how we met
He wears red and i’m in my white in fade
He was standing in front of him with accuracy
Our eyes met and that’s how a mistake was started.
We played hide and seek with their unfair judgment
We fought so hard to make it an achievement
Their sharp tongue only put us in so much hatred
We could only touched each other inside a dark apartment
And we made love after an intense emotion that we created
But life betrayed us and set us apart
It almost killed me and cursed them without a heart
I will find him and show him what is real and fake
I promised myself I would win him back whatever it takes
And no matter what happen, he will always be my favorite mistake.

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