My Luneta Park Photowalk wasn’t finished by meeting the 3 year old Girl Jessica. What made my day the most was meeting this group of “makukulit” elementary student from Perfecto High School in Tondo, Manila.

I was sitting in the middle of the field enjoying the blue sky when a group of kids shouted at me “Ate! Picturan mo kami!” and so I did!

IMG_0260 IMG_0264 IMG_0265

I thought that would end there, but they stayed and had a “bonggang bonggang kwentuhan” with me! We talked about their family and school. I asked them why they chose to stay in Luneta Park after school instead of heading straight to their respective houses. According to them, the place helps them to escape from their problems. One of them said “Ayoko sa bahay. Nag-aaway magulang ko e”

After hearing their stories, I somehow see myself in them. I can relate, because like them, I also want to escape. I went to Luneta to escape and find a better place to breath and forget.I admired these kids, they know how to enjoy.

Of course I wouldn’t let them go without taking a “groupie”

IMG_20140707_174410 IMG_20140707_174351

Before they went home, they gave me their names so that I can add them up on Facebook. I really appreciate that they want to keep in touch with me. They also promised me that if I have time to come back in Manila, they’ll bring me in Intramuros.


These kids taught me something that I wouldn’t forget.. that is to ENJOY! Go outside, make new friends, laugh! Play and live.#

IMG_20140707_175051 IMG_20140707_175040


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