It’s been a long time since I went somewhere alone. Due to a lot of commitments, I forgot to unwind and savor the beauty of Earth.

So yesterday, I decided to visit Luneta Park. Lucky me I brought Caku(Canon1100d) with me. Manila is such a great place to have a photo walk because every corner of it tells a story and it reminds us of our incredible history.

While walking and enjoying the place, I saw this little girl.


She was alone that time so I approached her and asked her if she’s with someone else, she said that she’s just waiting for her mother, so I decided to stay a little bit.

While we were talking, she saw my camera. I saw on her eyes the amusement, then she said “ate picturan mo nga ako” I laughed because she’s so charming and innocent. Of course I took a shot of her and she posed like nothing in this world could steal her smile!


She lives in Vaseco, when I asked her what she’s doing in Luneta, she said “kasama ko mama ko. Nagtitinda kami ng kape” then she asked me if we could have a picture together ^_^


efore I said goodbye, I gave her something to eat, I saw her excitement when I gave her the paper bag with food inside. I could hear her saying “wow! Yehey! Ang sarap niyan!” When I was about to help her to open the food, she resisted and said “Antayin ko na lang si mama, para hati kami” She really made me smile. She’s so different!


She looks very innocent but her heart is well experienced. She knows how to care and express love to her mother, which made me realize that I am so lucky to have a complete family and good life.

I really wished her the best. I hope that she’ll find the best place on earth where she could just play and enjoy her life. #


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