They say that love is merrier the second time around but I say, Hard work is more worth it the second time around!


I just finished my first 300 hours of internship in SOCO and guess what?! I decided to continue another 300 hours in the same program. When Miss Jocelyn Sambilay advised me to try other program or department, I was, yeah, kinda had a second thought because she might be right. Oh actually, she’s right. That I should explore to learn more.


Yes! I want to explore and I have this desire to learn more, and I see that “more” in SOCO. I want to learn more from the people behind this program and from the people behind every story that they feature. I remember my first day of internship, I was like,  so nervousbecause I’ll be working with the professionals but as time goes by until my second internship I found myself working harmoniously with them.

I am very thankful that SOCO has given me an opportunity to experience how they really work and produce a story that has an impact to the viewers because it’s a sad reality that not all OJT’s are as lucky as I am that’s why I’m so grateful being part of one of its story that will be airing on July 26 which is the Marikina Massacre. People behind this story gave me an opportunity to work hands on from research, coverage and reenactment.

During our research, Sir Brian Blay, one of the researcher of SOCO let me do his job 😀 well, still with his guidance. At first, I was like, “wooah”, “what should I do?” “what is it?” “how is it” “OMG!” then he told me “Hindi mo matututunan kung hindi mo susubukan”. He taught me not to limit myself, that I can go as far as my mind lets me. So I tried, and I didn’t fail him and myself as well. He let me talked with the OCC of the Regional Trial Court of Marikina for the copy of documents needed, talked with some officials and personnel.

Then we started to look for the survivors of the massacre and we found them and they didn’t hesitate to welcome us. They entertained our questions and agreed to have a schedule of interview with the segment producer Sir Dennis Gutierrez. Then Sir Dennis taught me to prepare a shotlist of interviewee so that I have no reason to forget something. (He’s very organized: D)


During the coverage, while listening to the interviewee, Miss Jeane, I learned the value of faith. I can feel her pain as she told us their struggle during the tragic event of their life. But more than of it, I saw her strength and determination to continue their life and move forward. She’s such a brave woman who made me realized that we live not as we wish, but as we can. I also admire Sir Dennis with how he handles the interview. How he managed to get the emotions of Miss Jeane and his son Janry.


After all the interviews, Sir Dennis and I prepared all the shotlist needed for the reenactment like letters, casting, props, setting and sequence of the story (103 sequence!). Then it’s time to reenact the story! I remember what Miss Jeane told us “Pwede ba yung kunin niyong gaganap sakin yung kasing ganda ko?!” and I guess we didn’t fail her! 😀


That reenactment is the most memorable of my Practicum 2. It was a very exhausting day but I enjoyed and savored every moment of it and during that day I realized that I cannot do everything but I can do something and I must be good with that “something” because according to Thich Nhat Hanh, the present moment is the only moment available to us, and it is the door to all moments. 


Sir Dennis gave me an opportunity to work with Direk JV for some scenes of the story where I am very much familiar with and I guess it’s an advantage that I made myself very familiar with the story. For me it is to avoid mistakes and misinformation.

I remember when Direk JV told me “nag-eenjoy ka talaga sa ginagawa mo no?” and then I said, “more than what you can see direk!” that made him laugh and told me“mag-apply ka agad pag graduate mo ha?” which I am planning to.


The production of Marikina Massacre is such a blast and unforgettable experience. I experienced being hands on researcher and being a segment producer as well. Thanks to Sir Dennis and Sir Brian for trusting me and for teaching me a lot of things but most of it, I’m thankful for their friendship.


Aside from them, I will definitely miss Ma’am Raquel, all his lunch and meryenda invitations, all “kwentuhan” about life, career and goal, also all her advices and words of wisdom. I’ll be missing working with her, especially the night when she called me for a help for an additional reenactment where I became her “camerawoman” :D, it’s one of the most frighteningthing I ever did. Well I’m used to it, I should, because I have my own DSLR, I make short films and advertisement in school, I’m very much familiar with different camera shots, but this one is different. It’s for SOCO, so it’s different but of course there’s no way to be afraid of because doing something behind what you have mastered will help you to grow, and it did help me to grow as an enthusiast.


And as I always say, an experience will never be an experience if you do it alone. I’m glad that SOCO didn’t only teach me a lot of things, but it also helps me to gain new friends.

11 13


Thank you Miss Smile, and to all the people behind this great program for giving me achance to grow, to explore, to discover myself and to gain experiences which will serve as my guidance and stepping stone into the real world. Thank you for the opportunity to have the best experience that every trainee wished for.  You guys made my Internship meaningful and fruitful.

Everything that I did during my 300 hours developed my potentials and allows me to reach my objectives. It’s to face and accomplish every task with all my heart and to have an initiative to strive harder to learn and seek more. The experience you gave me is more than what it means. As a famous quote says, “Experience is the best teacher!”and nothing compares to the learning that you gave me. Yes, it might hard at first, actually it’s really hard, but when I learned to appreciate, love and enjoy what am I doing, it became easier and easier every day. 


(Photo credit:Sir Lester Chavez)

I must say that SOCO is the best training ground where enthusiast like me, could learn and experience more than what you expect!

P.S Thankyou Miss Smile for giving me a copy of it I learned a lot!


Work to become, not to acquire.
–Elbert Hubbar




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