I’m on my way home longing to my pillow… when suddenly, a strange feeling caught my breath.. “It’s Indigo” the only words I left unsaid.

I’m not sure what I was thinking that time, but out of nowhere, I stood up and told the driver to stop the bus. He looked at me puzzled then he stopped driving and said, “Yung langit no?” I quizzically looked back at him , then he continued ” Yung langit. Maganda no? Pipicturan mo diba?” I just smiled and started my journey!

I’m walking so fast, I don’t want to lose the sky, that’s what I thought. I’ve never seen that wonderful creation ever in my 22 years of existence, seriously, so I badly want it in my camera. ^_^

After looking for a best place to set up my tripod, I start playing with my shutter and here it is!

This is one of the reason why I love going somewhere, planned or not, I just want to walk, sit, gaze, breath, think. smile. every time I do this, I discover something about myself which help me to grow spiritually.

I admired our Almighty God for creating such a wonderful world where true meaning of life is hidden under His word. #


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