It’s been a week since I started my On-The-Job Training on ABS-Cbn SOCO as production assistant for my first 75 hours. Of course, having this opportunity to work with a big company like ABS-Cbn is such a pleasure plus the bonus of seeing a lot of celebrities. I already had this photo opportunity with Daniel Padilla, Jugs, Xian Lim and Jhong Hilario. I have seen Nash Aguas, Karylle, Coleen Garcia, Vhong Navarro and some News & Current Affairs personality, but let me share something with you about this comedian who actually never fails me to laugh whenever I watched him on television.

It’s Bentong and honestly for me, he stands out from everybody. He might not that so famous like any other actors out there, but there is something in him that made me feel so comfortable, making me feel to act exactly what have you seen on our picture.

We (my friends & I) saw Bentong outside the showtime studio. He was just standing on the left side of the exit. Alone.  Then we called him, saying ” Hi Bentong!” then he looks amused. Of course I couldn’t say that he is not used to it because he is a celebrity. Famous or not, he’s still a celebrity. Then he started making jokes like, he shouted ” I love you ” calling my friend, Rose “Babe”. Well, I thought it was just a glimpse of funny moment with him. But I didn’t expect that he will approach us in the cafeteria, making jokes again. That was the time when he asked him for a photo opportunity.

When we are about to leave the cafeteria, we saw him again sitting on the bench where other company staff is sitting and smoking. He looks like any other normal person in the company. As if, he’s not the Bentong that we can see on television, making fun of everything just to make the audience laugh.

When we say celebrity, I think of heavy drama, comedy, actions, talk show, mall tours, concert, etc. I forgot, that being a celebrity also means being another you but why I have this feeling that, Bentong is different. I didn’t know him personally so how could I say this? But just to let you know, I’m describing him, based on how he treated us. Based on how he smiles despite of being alone in a crowd. Yes, in a crowd. ABS-Cbn is too big for him to be alone, yet I saw him twice, just by himself and that really caught my attention. It has an impact on me that I couldn’t explain in words.

I’m really not a fan of him but seeing him today? Giving me such a pleasant smile? He has my respect.

“The image is one thing and the human being is another. It’s very hard to live up to an image, put it that way.”
― Elvis Presley


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