Fast Growing World

Though time is fast, we can catch them with our hands, even an immaculate child can. The photo sounds off a lot of interpretations which are still, in a way, parallel to each other. The concept is the ever changing (and fast) world of today, how we can cross boundaries and be still in awe of our discoveries. The innocence of the child reaching for a gadget indicates that even children, how strange technology is, can still catch up. Kids today are very accustomed to every gadget, a ten-year old child might be eager to open a tablet instead of a storybook. And now, on a more rhetorical view, a child mirrors our naivety to these technology, they are suspended and very much like an apple tree ready for picking, there are a lot of technology we can use and though we can use them, they are, in a way, alien to us.
The child is seen wearing pink, polka dots clothes and is sporting a flashy curly hair from the 70’s and 80’s and her background consists of old CDs, we are trying to throw in an element of nostalgia, and to show how the past and the modern generation clashes (there are also old gadgets on the photo) and though they do clash, they are still very much the same and, mixes. And having the elements of new and old in the photo, shows how contained the world is because of technology.
The clock shows how we can hold and control our time but in a way we look away from it because we’re much more attracted to technology and how we don’t realize that this world is moving and constantly changing.#

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