These photos were taken along Baclaran Church as part of my preparation for our upcoming LIKHA: Photo Exhibit in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite and won MOST INTERESTING AWARD.

The theme of our photo exhibit is “Perseverance” that is why I chose the street vendors in Baclaran because for me they are the perfect example of perseverance. They are striving everyday to feed their family, to give colors to our dying world. They are the reflection of true life. They are facing challenges in which they must find strategies to deal with it.

 7 94 68

It was a dream photo walk actually.It has always been my dream to capture people who are said to be “poor” yet more persevere to live life positively.

I intend to make the background black & white because I want you to see that they can stand out despite of darkness they are facing off and I am proud being a Filipino. I am proud being a daughter of a country that full of brave, inspiring and noble people.

They are our hidden heroes. Heroes whose power is to save life without using magic but their faith instead, (SMD)


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